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Highest quality CBG products in 5% concentration. Made of hemp flowers. Alcohol extraction. Full cannabinoid spectrum. Organic products rich in flavonoids and terpenes. No synthetic additives and crystals. Product of Poland.

CBG oils are extracts of industrial hemp plant. Their use cause no psychotropic effects. CBG oils show curative and medicinal performance thanks to activation of many important synergetic reactions and mechanisms in many crucial elements of our bodies such as nervous system and immune system. Hemp plant extracts are not single-malt oils. They contain numerous other cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBC, CBN), terpenes and flavonoids which, when applicated together, perform better in therapy of numerous symptoms, diseases and disorders.
How does CBG oils work?
Hemp plants produce cannabinoids. They are called “phytocannabinoids” because they come from a plant. Animal body produces cannabinoids too. Those are called “endocannabinoids” because they are produced “inside the organism”. Endocannabinoid system is a part of our bodies that use those compounds to activate and regulate many mechanism important for our health and well-being.

Cannabinoid receptors are the basic elements of endocannabinoid system located almost all around our bodies. They take part in regulation of nervous system, immune system, several functions of brain and organ stimulation. They may be able to stop some self-destructive processes such ach neurodegeneration, cancerogenic processes and auto-immune disorders. Cannabinoid therapy may be used in treatment many illnesses and was used in different cultures for thousands of years.
CBG – possible treatments
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties CBG may help in treatment of:

multiple sclerosis,
atopic dermatitis,
inflammatory bowel disease,
Crohn-Leśniowski disease,
inflammation of muscles and joints
inflammation and fever caused by certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.

CBG may effectively limit symptoms of numerous neurodegenerative and mental dysfunctions. Many people is using CBG as a cure for:

Parkinson’s disease,
Alzheimer’s disease,
ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome and autism,
Tourette’s syndrome
senile dementia,

Numerous research indicate use CBG during therapy of mental behavioral dysfunctions to achieve better psychical condition and harmony of mind. CBG is used among others for:

healthy sleep,
fears and phobias,
depressive states,
obsessive thoughts.

How to choose CBG oil?
Follow these simple steps to make sure you don’t buy low quality products. Proper reading of a label provides information on actual composition of the product.

Are you looking for an oil? Look only for full cannabinoid spectrum CBG oils. FCS oils are made from hemp flowers, not derived from single, prefabricated chemical compound.

Choose only renowned brands selling certified CBG products. Valid certification of the product confirms declared cannabinoid levels.
BioHemp organic products – about
Our CBG oils are organic products made from best quality hemp flowers grown ecologically far away from industrialization and cities in the clean and rural area of Podkarpacie. Professional and devoted farmers control every step of the growing of the hemp plant – from the very seed up to storage and production of the oil. It’s thanks to their motivation and reliability that we can offer you 100% organic and best quality products with no compromise.

Our CBG oils are derived using LPE (Low Pressure Extraction) method with the use of supercritical fluid form of CO2. After the extraction process pressure is normalized and the gas releases completely leaving our precious product free form solvents and by-products that occur in oils produced with other extraction methods.

BioHemp CBG oils are made from genuine hemp flowers and are full spectrum cannabinoid plant products.