Hemp product certifications

We give special effort and attention to safety and testing of our products, therefore every piece we sell is validated by hemp product certification confirming their high quality and particular methods of production. Available certification is carried out only by respectable, legally valid and accredited institutions using scientifically approved laboratory methods. That way we can assure and prove highest quality and ecological soucing of our products and materials. Thanks to such carefully prepared documentation our customers don’t have to worry that they will be using unapproved imitations coming from uncertain sources, which sometimes pose risk to our health.

Product certification

In order to confirm authenticity of our products with declared content we are able to present valid testing for chosen items. 

Certification: Organic, HACCP, GACP, SGS

Oil CBD > 5%, 10%, 15%, 30%, THC < 0,2%

Extract CBD > 30%, 50%, THC < 0,2%