Hittu BioHemp og elskaðu hampi

Hemp captivated us with its versatile use, strong and durable fibers, thousands of uses and the wealth of active ingredients supporting the human body. We would not be ourselves if we did not want to give you this love!

BioHemp.pl is a dynamically developing Polish distributor of self-proven, top-quality hemp products, derived from organic farming and produced naturally in accordance with high standards of production and use safety of the product. We have been operating continuously since 2018. in Poland and the EU.

Our mission is:

Spreading awareness of cannabis and its versatile use in medicine, recreation and reflection.

BioHemp works only with the best!

We only work with reliable and trusted producers whose products are on the lists of the best hemp producers in Poland and abroad. We make sure that the companies we work with have certificates that prove the highest quality of the products we sell.

What is most important to us is laboratory testing of each product we offer. They confirm both the composition of the product as well as its effectiveness, purity and the highest quality that we want to offer you.

For the sake of your full satisfaction, we attach great importance to the selection of preparations and devices we sell. You can be sure that you will not get anything that has not been tested and thoroughly analyzed by us before.


Our activity is supported and recommended by the National Center for Public Health and Hygiene “Institute of Health in Warsaw”.

We support initiatives for broadly understood education and popularization of scientific research on the use of cannabis in medicine, recreation and industry. MedycznaMarihuana.comMarihuana.info.plKonopie.info.pl

Your trust is priceless to us!

We want to care especially about relations with you. We honestly gain your trust, so you can be sure that we will not sell you poor quality products.

We try to treat each of our clients individually, which is why we especially care about the security of your personal data.

We pack shipments in a safe manner and we execute orders efficiently, so that you can get to know the power of our products as soon as possible.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, ask questions and place orders.